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 Digident’s  AI’s mission is to provide dental practitioners of all disciplines with the tools they need to make a breakthrough in patient treatment.

The contribution of our AI platform to the Dentistry!

Digident’s AI-based algorithms are designed to enhance the quality of dental diagnosis, adding practical value and instantly delivering comprehensive reports to our partners and customers, the dental practitioners in all manners.

AI Platform

Automatic Clinical Data Analysis+ Radiology Image Processing+ Machine and Deep Learning = Automated, Early and Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment Efficiency in Dentistry!

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Our vast line of quality handpieces showcases our attention to your level of care while delivering performance that lasts.

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Digident combines clinical expertise with machine learning and AI technologies to create diagnostic reports, treatment plan suggestions and smart clinical predictions that assist users across the entire dental value chain.

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About DigiDent| Dental Excellence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing dentistry! With our help every dentistry practitioner can ‎increase accuracy in diagnosis stage while saving time and patient flow.  Digident’s AI platform ‎assists dentists in making data-informed choices between dentures, bridges, or dental implants, ‎which is often hard to make with potentially dire outcomes. Using our AI platform, dentists can ‎choose between the treatment options available for their patients with accuracy. We have come up ‎with an application based on Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which would ‎make the decision-making aspect of the Dentist much easier, cost-effective, timely, and error-free. ‎Our App also can be used as a second opinion by the Dentist. Using our App, the dentists can ‎create and harness a competitive advantage.