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AI Platform

Automatic Clinical Data Analysis+ Radiology Image Processing+ Machine and Deep Learning =

Automated, Early and Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment Efficiency in Dentistry!


Improving the quality Dental Diagnosis with the power of AI !

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing dentistry! With our help every dentistry practitioner can ‎increase accuracy in diagnosis stage while saving time and patient flow.  Digident’s AI platform ‎assists dentists in making data-informed choices between dentures, bridges, or dental implants, ‎which is often hard to make with potentially dire outcomes. Using our AI platform, dentists can ‎choose between the treatment options available for their patients with accuracy. We have come up ‎with an application based on Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which would ‎make the decision-making aspect of the Dentist much easier, cost-effective, timely, and error-free. ‎Our App also can be used as a second opinion by the Dentist. Using our App, the dentists can ‎create and harness a competitive advantage.